The Planetization Movement
From Geo-Politics to Gaian-Politics

Election Protection & Deep Democracy
Votes Freely Cast, Transparently Counted
and Honestly Reported

Clean Energy & Climate Change Solutions
Co-Creating a Post-Carbon Culture

Electro-Magnetic Health Protection
Public Health, Democracy and the 'Wireless Revolution'

Food, Water, Pesticides and Health Freedom
Beyond Big Agra, Big Pharma and Water Barons
To Localized Permaculture, Healthy Watersheds
and Holistic Healing

EON provides media tools and production servicesto non-profit organizations working for justice, peace, compassion and sustainability.
Meet powerful people's movements and their inspiring community, national and international members, leading edge educators, philosophers, scientists, farmers, authors and more. Together they form part of what we're calling 'the Planetarian Project,' or 'the Planetization Movement' -the trans-national, world-wide, self-organizing grassroots movements cooperating to create a just and compassionate, peaceful and sustainable world.
Join them in their fierce caring about our planet and communities and take action.
Be part of the exciting grassroots pushback in response to our converging crises!
On this site you'll find:
Information, action alerts, links and video tools for education and organizing on the issue areas listed in the clickable sidebar.
Analyses, critiques and blog posts on the vision and opportunities as well as the serious challenges facing us.
Vlogs - our extensive online video posts on YouTube and BlipTV.
DVDs for community organizing, institutional, educational and personal use.
EonNewsNet - our irregular postings of articles from around the world, updated action alerts, opinion and announcements of new EON productions.
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Media Services:
In addition to producing our video documentaries and on-line interviews and reports, EON provides media services to non-profit organizations and public education campaigns. Through the last quarter century we have had the privilege of contributing to a number of effective grassroots campaigns including to successes won by the Indigenous Rights, Nuclear Free, Electro-Smog Protection, Election Protection and Stop the Pesticide Spray movements.
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